About Us

At the core of all human beings is the spirit of adventure and endlessly changing horizons and that is exactly what the jungle offers. At Jungle Calling we wish to invite and embrace all those who want to know more and appreciate the subtlety of the forest, its habitat and its ways. Through our trips and excursions and our associated team of naturalists we want to inculcate the same level of passion in our companions that we feel. It is our endeavor that once you have seen the jungle through our lense you will want to come back for more.

Jungle Calling solely specializes in customizing safaris for its clients to different national parks in India. We like to service our clients with impeccable service and quality standards along with a holistic experience.

With the help of our knowledge and experience, we like to customize trips for the solitary traveler, couples, families, mother-child groups, all women groups and corporates just the way they like it. Itineraries can be planned keeping in mind the level of orientation, preferences and budgets.


Chulbul Shailee - for your maiden trip with the 'maidens ' I think you were fabulous . . .
Sudha Khanna
Big thanks to Manan Parekh, Shailee Shah Parekh, Aaryan Parekh. Nita Sampat and I . . .
Pankaj Sampat