We wanted our first ever

We wanted our first ever safari experience and we decided we wanted to go for the best .. Kenya Africa. We were apprehensive abt a lot of things bcos we traveling with 12 yr old and a 6-yr-old, including safety, food water, bugs etc. Manan from jungle calling has not only booked a perfect trip but also had good instructions to reduce our apprehensions. The animal encounters we had on this trip were magical.I would have to write a lot to describe those. Thank you, Manan for being such a support during and before the trip and giving us a perfect experience. I would highly recommend Jungle calling for your next safari experience ..

Archana Lavana

We’ve taken two safaris with

We’ve taken two safaris with Jungle calling. One to Pench and one to Tadoba. On both occasions what impressed us the most was the meticulous planning and information given in advance which made our experience enjoyable. We knew well in advance what to expect ofcourse the only thing we didn’t know was how many tigers we would spot. Jokes apart ; after these two experiences we wouldn’t want to take any more safaris without jungle calling. What is a USP for JC is that the couple is passionate about wild life and they themselves being so involved and updated about the latest happenings helps them give us the benefit of all the information they gather and knowledge they already have. So keep up the good work Shailee and we will be calling u soon to plan our next safari.

Rajesh and Prachi Saathi

My family's trip to Kenya

My family's trip to Kenya this month was our second trip booked through Jungle Calling. I would really like to thank Manan for his commitment during the planning process and the trip itself. He was involved every step of the way, taking our opinions into consideration whilst recommending the itinerary for this super holiday. This was truly one of the most memorable experiences I have had. Thank you Jungle calling!!

Manjusha Rao

If I were to describe

If I were to describe Jungle Calling’s Kenya trip in one sentence I’d say “it was our own Nat Geo equivalent expedition”! Right from our first drive in Nairobi National Park to our last in Maasai Mara Natural Reserve, we saw it all. The big 5 - check, the ugly 5 - check (yes, there’s actually a list of ugly 5 in Africa). Our stay at the camp was no short of wonders - we could hear wildlife right from our tents! And I’ve never seen that many stars, you get to see the Milky Way every night, it’s that bright. Again, thanks to Manan and Jungle Calling for meticulously planning the entire trip, think of any Disney movie minus the talking animals 🙂

Anish Chauhan

We've had a most exhilarating

We've had a most exhilarating stay here in Africa. The staff & management have been very helpful, courteous & dutiful. They have tended diligently to our requests & needs. The expert driver n his assistant ,were very knowledgeable & great hosts, serving Packed Breakfasts n Lunches in d middle of picturesque Wilderness. MANAN n they, have all made our trip an unforgetfull experience. Thanking them all very much.

Minal Desai

I have been coming to

I have been coming to India every year for the past 6 years. I just got back last week and this was my best trip to India by far. The reason..... I booked a safari with Jungle Calling and experienced something I will remember forever. Manan of Jungle Calling was a class act and I think he lived in the Safari in a past life. The trip started of f with the WOW factor as we checked in to our secluded treehouse room. The chef at the resort was phenomenal. The service was the best I have ever gotten. But what was most memorable to me was the experience I had that I am now able to share. Our guide at Pench (on the last day) took us to a Leopard and right in front of our eyes (very close) this Leopard found a porcupine and decided it was a good time for a snack. What an awesome experience that was as the Leopard proceeded to take the dead animal to the top of the tree next to us and enjoy its meal. We all took pictures and video and got to experience the safari first hand. It was awesome. I cant thank you enough Manan and I am really looking forward to our next Safari!

Todd Paton

I had an opportunity through

I had an opportunity through a very good friend to plan my wild life Journey of Pench Forest with Jungle Calling. I also took one of my clients from US to this expedition. Something he never had experienced before. Everything was managed and arranged by Jungle Calling team and Manan Parekh. We wanted to do a safari to move away from the normal travel regime and experience the natural habitat and wild animals in their absolute normal behaviour. The experience was nothing but exceptional. From the comfort travel to the resort to doing all the Safari’s, and having custom made meals for us. I wanted to see a leopard and wished that I could see one on the safari and yes I was lucky. In fact we had a rare chance to see a leopard few mins before he hunted a porcupine and then had the opportunity to see him take his prey on tree and finish his meal. All of this a few meters away from our vehicle. I wouldn’t go into the details of how the stay was including the excellent meals, Bush Dinner (dinner in wild flora of the jungle - dont miss this), absolute silence of the wilderness, the tree house comfort and the beautiful view we had. It was all excellent with great service and great people to make our trip unforgettable. Jungle calling was able to connect us with nature, animals and each other. The client of ours had bonded with us in a way that he hadn’t before and I think it was one of those thing that I would suggest everyone to do. Sometimes connections from phones, emails and being away from these gadgets lets you connect more to people and nature . This trip just did that and I would be coming again with clients, family and friends. Thanks Jungle Calling and its team for great trip.

Vibhu Satpaul

Kanah, one of the most

Kanah, one of the most beautiful forests in India will remain etched in my mind as a wonderful, memorable experience... all thanks to the care and attention given to the trip by Jungle Calling. Aryan, Shailee and Manan helped create the perfect Safari holiday for us.the accomodation, drives in to the forest and guides were fantastic. Seeing a tiger in the forest was a fabulous finishing touch to a truly awesome Jungle getaway.

Brinda Thakkar

Big thanks to Manan Parekh,

Big thanks to Manan Parekh, Shailee Shah Parekh, Aaryan Parekh. Nita Sampat and I had the experience of a life time with them on Jungle Calling trip to Kenya (Nakuru, Naiwasha, Masai Mara).. Saw the Big 5 (with their cubs) plus Cheetah chasing a Zebra.. And many other animals and birds.. Special thanks to young Aaryan for teaching us a lot about the wildlife.. His knowledge, enthusiasm, energy and passion is incredible. ...

Pankaj Sampat

Turning 50 sure has some

Turning 50 sure has some perks, one of them being a surprise gift from my boys for a jungle safari, the catch being was having to go with a group of unknown women. So as the excitement bug bit me I went; without any apprehensions and expectations for 3 days of.........idk. They say your first ever encounter with the jungle and the Tiger is unforgettable, this I can certainly vouch for. As we entered the jungle the first feeling that hits you is that you are on someone else's territory and you definitely are the Outsider; slowly the sights and sounds around you invigorate your senses, the fresh clean air assails u. As we were driving around in search of the Tiger suddenly we heard our naturalist whisper''TIGER''and there she was in all her majesty casually sunning herself right in the middle of the path; as she languorously got up and started walking towards us. My first ever face to face moment up close and personal as she was head on towards our vehicle is what I shall never forget and is etched into my soul forever.....My first ever sighting of the magnificence of this glorious T-60 was a surreal, magical, and awe-inspiring but even more humbling moment. From then on our naturalist and Shailee gave us a treat each drive one such was Laila who played to the gallery to the hilt sunning herself, grooming herself, napping and when there was a big enough crowd to pay obeisance to her royal highness; she even did a ramp walk for us ... a full hour of sheer delight. Ranthambore has some ethereal and magical qualities about it; the birds , deer, peacocks with the lakes adding splendor, the terrain hard and unforgiving yet you don't just know when you get lucky. We sure did ; in all we got to see 8 tigers and on our last drive we were treated to an unimaginable sight of T-60's cubs. All 3 of them were as much curious about us as we were about them,proving that childhood and innocence is the essence of all beings; be it humans or animals. Our trek atop The Ranthambore fort with the mischievous langurs keeping us company lead us to the breathtaking sights of the jungle. The devout moment in the Ganesh temple along with bits of history in the remnants of the past such as the Dulha Mahal and Chatri Baari were mesmerizing.... This sojourn was one where I discovered meeting people who I had no clue about can be such fun and so liberating; these bunch of girls were the most warm, lively, helpful and appreciative of even the smallest of things. I ended up making new friends thanks to JC. Special thanks to the guide whose immense knowledge and experience made this trip so interesting. A special shout out to Shailee who spearheaded the whole thing with such elan and made sure that my first ever Jungle Calling would be a stepping stone to many more..... -Rita Choksey.

Rita Choksey

Once upon a time, I

Once upon a time, I ventured into the jungles of Ranthambore to encounter tigers and leopards but chanced upon this unique being – Jungle Calling’s Manan! After that, all my wildlife fairy tales have been happily ever after filled with successful tales of the big cats, seasonal birds and other rarely sighted mammals that can only happen through Jungle Calling’s enchanting powers. When most of the parks are closed during monsoons, I decided to let Jungle Calling take me for another adventure expecting the worst and giving them the monsoons-aren’t-fun look but I was cast under this spell where one safari after the other, I got to sight leopards, tigers, crested hawk-eagle, tuskers and even live to tell the tale of The Gaur and The Tiger which happened just minutes before the safari came to an end! With Manan’s eternal optimism and never-give-up attitude, I was left spellbound. I stand corrected when I said monsoons don’t shower us with beautiful jungle creatures. Manan (Jungle Calling) is impeccable when it comes to planning, arrangements and an intelligent hunch for the right people (naturalist & driver) to trust. Enthusiastic and active to a fault that he will make sure it’s contagious! You can never be in a state of torpor having Jungle Calling around you! Thanks Manan for the safaris and photos to regale; being at the right place and right time for me to find Jungle Calling! More power to you and more trips for me!

Sanghamitra Nayak

There are birthday celebrations and

There are birthday celebrations and then there are birthday celebrations that are totally WILD !!!! Everyone needs to do a trip like this at least once in their lifetime . I'm not sure what was better ........ 8 tiger and 2 leopard sightings in our 5 drives or the fact that I ended up making friendships that will last a lifetime . When you leave the planning to JC , you won't be disappointed . These guys are experts and will leave no stone unturned in making sure that your trip is a memorable one . From the best guides to the most suitable accommodation , everything is planned to perfection. For me personally this trip was truly an adventure on every level .  Namita Mallik


Dear Shailee, Just a quick

Dear Shailee, Just a quick note to say thank you to you and the entire team of Jungle Calling for giving my kids Vedika and Vinaya the most wonderful experience. This was their first overnight trip on their own and you truly made them feel at home. The kids are still overflowing with stories and fantastic memories from the safari. They made wonderful friends. Shailee, your organizational skills are truly inspirational. Your communication with me was always patient and helpful. The kids are looking forward to the next safari already! Also thank you for posting all of those great pictures. It was so much fun to scroll through the photos and see all the kids having a blast. Your patience and warmth just comes through and it is obvious why the kids had such a special time. Shivani Agarwal Vedika & Vinaya's mother

Shivani Agarwal

So Meera went on her

So Meera went on her first trip without us ... Jungle calling it was .. Shailee Shah Parekh..just want to say couldnt have asked for more from the time I connected with you for the trip, I knew I was talking to someone who was well aware of, what it takes to make a successful trip with children. .. You answered all my concerns even before I asked the questions 😊 The stay arrangements, food, your constant vigilance, the trips to the jungle , the information, the awareness , the bonding with friends, the local experiences. .. My child was gushing with stories... She was comfortable and happy. . Excited to be back with you for another trip soon. Sudipta - Meera's mother

Sudipta Mandal

A first time jungle goer,

A first time jungle goer, I enrolled for the first pink only trip with Jungle Calling to Ranthambore with an open mind and a camera ready to click. Shailee of JC goes an extra mile in making you comfortable, whether it's special diet situations, or need for a special seating or sleeping arrangements. She finds the best guides and safaris that take you into the forest. We got lucky to see so many tigers. Jungle Calling is not just another trip organiser, they're gracious hosts and loving warm people.

Aneeta Madhok

Hi Shailee! Thank you for

Hi Shailee! Thank you for the most amazing experience for our children. Stuti came back all excited and wanting to go back for 100 thousand more safaris and talk of going and living/working in the forest. I think this was a brilliant exposure to children and you've ignited a real interest for the "wild" and the fast depleting natural habitats around us. I truly wish you will organise many more such trips, and that many more young ones will start looking, observing and understanding the value of this immensely neglected area. Hope Stuti can make it to the next one, and that the next one is a bit longer in duration. Happy to help, support and promote your endeavour. Please do start a Cubs Club, maybe from your FB page Jungle Calling. All the best to you and your team.😀

Neeti Sethi

It was a great experience

It was a great experience at Ranthambore with this wonderful team of jungle calling. I thank our mentors- Shailee Aunty, Komal Aunty , and Minty Aunty from the bottom of my heart for the great assistance.
The most awesome moment was to see the tigers- Arrow, T-57 and Laila in the 2 consecutive safaris and was fun to follow them. It was a fat chance for all of us. Also thanks a ton to Bobby uncle our guide for the safari for helping us track the tigers. Apart of tigers there was also a wide variety of 0f birds and deers in the jungle. It was a once in a lifetime experience and everyone must visit once in their life. It was a well organiser, educational, funfilled and motivational trip. I can't thank you enough for the trip.

J- Joyful. C- Compassion and
U- Unbelievable. A- Anxiety to
N- Natural. L- Learn
G- Glorifying. L- Lovely
L- learning. I- Inspiration
E - Experience. N- Nature's
G- Gratitude

- Prisha Shah
Jungle Calling May 2017

Prisha Shah

Would like to thank Shailee

Would like to thank Shailee and her team for an amazing experience . The heat didn't dampen the spirit even a little. All was perfectly planned and executed from bookings to the dry lunch to the personalised caps everything was well thought of. Had lovely sightings of tigers and saw some beautiful birds. Thanks Shailee for introducing this beautiful world to me and now my daughter. Aarna loved it to the core and she has some beautiful experiences which she will carry all her life. I'm sure u will take Jungle Calling to places.

Komal Agarwal

I’m lost for words when

I’m lost for words when writing this. To summarize, the ‘April 2017 Ranthambore All Boys’ trip was a blast! One of the most memorable experiences where we got to see 12 different tigers in 4 days, no, that number isn’t a typo. Thanks to Jungle Calling and Manan, the entire trip was well planned and ran like clockwork – right from airport pickup to our final drive back to Jaipur. The safaris were an entirely different ball game. Jungle Calling had arranged exclusive safaris for us 4 burgeoning photographers. Manan handpicked the best naturalist (Mazhar) and driver (Vijay) combo (who I fondly refer to as The Dynamic Duos) for all 7 safaris. Our drives were so successful that we ended up seeing multiple tigers each time including 2 tiger families – Noor and her 3 cubs, and T60 with her 3 cubs. Both, Mazhar and Vijay, have impeccable instincts when it comes to tracking tigers and got us the best spots every time. Thanks to them, all of us have memorable photographs for storytelling and reliving the moments. The hotel was extremely comfortable and strategically located close to the Ranthambore National Park’s main entrance gate – it couldn’t have been arranged any better. Saying that Manan is a wildlife enthusiast is probably an understatement, I got to learn a lot more about tigers from him and this trip than ever before. This safari trip was quite addictive and I’m already looking forward to more trips with Jungle Calling. Again, a very big thank you to Manan and Jungle Calling!

Anish Chauhan

What to say ......amazing four

What to say ......amazing four days of jungle calling ....lost in beauty of nature and world of wild animals.Thanks to lovely trip with jungle calling ...refreshed and rejuvinated .Many more jungle safari with them...experience is unforgetable.

Kavita Hindia

“What an unforgettable experience for

“What an unforgettable experience for our family! I am glad we chose Jungle calling to organise our first tiger safari. We were nervous travelling from the UK with two young kids. But Shailee was organised, prompt with her responses and tailored our package to suit our needs. Everything from the accommodation, food, transport, and the naturalist who guided us on the safari was excellent! The staff at Kings Lodge were very helpful and warm and our children felt thoroughly pampered with the chef preparing their favourites on demand. Excellent food cooked using fresh produce from their organic garden. We were very lucky to have "Chaubeyji" an experienced naturalist who knew the jungle really well. Spotted a tiger during our brief stay. But the other wildlife in the jungle that Chaubeyji showed us was equally captivating! I would have struggled to sort everything out from the UK but Jungle calling made it all possible. Flawless service with a personal touch! We will definitely be back for another safari sometime soon. Highly recommend Jungle calling particularly for families based outside India!”

Kripa Iyer

With two tiger sightings in

With two tiger sightings in consecutive safaris at Ranthambore, this was one of our best experiences ever. We had good naturalists guiding us through the safaris and we were able to view different animals and birds in their natural habitat. Right from the time of planning the trip to to the time of travel Manan was very helpful .During our stay was he was constantly in touch and ensured that every bit that was planned was executed to the minutest of details with some added excitement of a bonfire night. Thank you Jungle Calling. Will be planning the next one soon!

Manjusha Rao

Jungle calling has introduced me

Jungle calling has introduced me to a different world, a wild and wonderful world. Meticulously planned by Shailee. My son and I loved every bit of our trip to Tadoba. A must try.

Amarja Chhapwale Webb

Me and my 8 year

Me and my 8 year old son Arsh went to the Bandhvgarh wildlife reserve with Jungle Calling. Its was my son's first trip to a jungle and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both of us. Shailee took really good care of us, and everything was very well thought of. The forest was lush with bamboo and teak, and we enjoyed each drive into it. All the people in the group were warm and friendly. We look forward to many more wonderful jungle experiences in future with Jungle Calling.

Sparsh Kataria

A trip to jungle with

A trip to jungle with "Jungle Calling" is always a fantastic one and always a lasting memory. This was my 5th jungle safari with JC & i hv an experience to have got the best of services from JC in terms of staying accommodation , food and the most important being the way the safaris r being managed which include a dedicated naturalists who makes his best to show the guests various animals & birds in the jungle. Hats off to Manan's Jungle Calling !! When is my next one ??? 😊👍🏼😊

Amol Rege

Manan a great trip we

Manan a great trip we will do again in future

Rasendra Desai

Hi Manan.. Back home after

Hi Manan.. Back home after a wonderful trip to Tadoba, even at this late hour, i cannot help but write you this short note. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip - the first ever safari for my wife and me.. We were thrilled to see the wide range of jungle life - tiger, bear, deer, jungle dog, crocodile and large number of birds whose names i dont remember :):).. You and your team took excellent care of us in terms of accommodation, food, information about the animals and jungle life - in fact, the whole jing bang !! Looking forward to more trips with you, specially the trip to Africa you have promised to arrange for me in Summer 2017.. God bless... Best wishes, Pankaj N. Sampat

Pankaj Sampat

Tadoba tiger reserve

29/07/2016 Tadoba tiger reserve. One of the most memorable wildlife trips I've been for. I was'nt aware the forest was open for tourism in the monsoons. Great for photography as very few tourists visiting this time of the year. Good choice of resort in terms of location, hospitality and zeal for wildlife. Highlight of the trip was Manan's passion and enthusiasm which was rejuvenating to say the least and got me in touch with who I was when I first started visiting the forest. Thanks a lot Manan. Looking forward to many more trips.

Dr Malhar Mahadevia

Jungle Calling you beauty! especially

Jungle Calling you beauty! especially Manan, he is extremely helpful and very enthusiastic. I heard about jungle calling through my childhood friend Hriday Choksey who visited Tadoba not too long ago and his experience is perfectly summed in his review below, and told me to get my trip planned with Manan. I got in touch with him for a trip to Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh(my second visit, but first through jungle calling) and within minutes of my first interaction he had an entire itinerary planned out for us which was remarkable. He and his team organised every single detail for us without even having to do anything.Being a wildlife lover, especially the Tiger, i know from past experience that spotting one is not all luck but more about patience and having the right people on the ground to search strategically. We had the best guide and naturalist all thanks to Manan and his team. We spotted a female tiger, a mother of four for a good 30min going through her motions from sitting behind a tree to chilling in the water hole. All through the trip Manan was in more contact with us than our parents! And mind you he himself was in Ranthambore, that explains enough about his involvement with clients. To conclude all i can say is great job and keep it up! I'm certain to plan my future wildlife trips with you guys and urge you all to do the same.

Arjun Khanna

So in April 2016 I

So in April 2016 I was a part of the all boys group that was visiting Tadoba. It was my first time in an Indian jungle I had only been to jungles in Africa before this , and the sightings in Tadoba were good if not better to say the least. Manan is a wildlife freak/enthusiast and somehow on the trip we too became that just spending so much time with him. The sightings were blissful every drive we went for we saw a tiger. I managed to witness a hunt for my first time in the jungle. I can't think of a single negative from the trip but the fact that it was hot I'm sure if possible Manan would change that for us to. But on a serious note anyone ever wants to visit a jungle then these are the people , you have to go through them the organization is pitch perfect the level of enthusiasm they carry is unmatched and somehow in their company everyone becomes a wildlife lover.

Hriday Choksey

So where do I begin,

So where do I begin, I was on the all boys Tadoba national park trip in April 2016 and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. I have always been a wildlife enthusiast right since my childhood. So when I go for a trip such as this and spot tigers in their element ON EACH OF MY DRIVES, it doesent get any better. Most people would attribute this to sheer luck, but for me its all down to Manan and the Jungle Calling team. My trip was so succesful because all the arrangements were made well in advance and the preparations were extremely thorough. It usually is the small things that mattered which ensured we had so many sightings. For one Manan choose a hotel strategically located only 300 metres from the closest gate (Navegaon gate) close to where the tigress Maya and her cubs reside. Secondly ensuring we had top notch guides and not just anyone, our guide ensured we got one sighting at a certain spot and location based on his knowledge and intution (again some might consider it luck I dont). Apart from such details our hotel was splendid and homely, and all arrangements were made so well we never felt uncomfortable. In the end when it comes to trips like these, one needs the right sources and has to research properly to ensure we have succesful game drives, here's where Manan and Jungle Calling trump all else. Right from start to end you can close your eyes and just let them get everything done, and you will be assured of an amazing experience. I returned with a story to tell, and one thing this trip made me realize is in the future ill have many more stories to tell because I am going to keep visiting national parks atleast once a year from hereon. All of this was thanks to Jungle Calling.

Sumere Choksey

Dear Shailee and Manan,  

Dear Shailee and Manan,   There are some once in a lifetime experiences.... and the one we just had would definitely count as one of them. Our trip to Pench has been one of the most fun, adventurous, luxurious yet one with nature kind of trips for our friends and us. From the time we started planning it till the time we came back, everything worked out so seamlessly yet perfectly for all of us. Thanks to you guys we could plan it all in a day!!!! From hotel stay to safaris to food to conveyance- it all worked out perfectly. You guys made it look so easy- a 4 families, 15 people (which includes 7 kids!) trip wouldn’t have been this easy otherwise.   The kids especially had a fabulous time- they loved the safaris, the excitement of staying in a tree house, the curiosity of seeing different animals and insects (with some trepidation I  must add!!!!) and to top it all, the up close tiger sightings in the jungle. We had the luck of sighting tigers on almost all of our safaris, but even if we didn’t, they loved the entire experience of being in a forest, watching the different animals and birds, the various trees and plants, the drives in the open jeep as they sing along and just the open skies- something we rarely get to do in the city. The stay at Pugdundee was such a treat – thank you for suggesting it to us- as you mentioned, it was truly a different experience- something a commercial resort would not provide! The tree houses were absolutely world class -with all amenities that made us feel comfortable yet so synergetic with nature, the openness of the property, the warmth of the staff, the learning from the naturalists during the safaris and the sumptuous food (who would have expected fine dining and service in a property that is so remote and far away from any commercial establishment). And the village walk was such a humbling experience for all of us. It was truly special. From the3 year olds to the not so old, we all had a wonderful time together.   We were already planning our next safari during this trip! Africa calling? Maybe- with such wonderful experiences and memories, we can’t wait to add a few more to them! Hopefully, you guys can join us too. Your passion truly shows in the way you planned it out for us and were so open to our suggestions and requests. A big thank you from all of us!!! Happily,

Sorabh, Gayatri, Veer and Rohan.

Awesome trip, most memorable ..

Awesome trip, most memorable .. Sightings of tiger is never enough .. Best experience has been with Jungle calling . I would always do my jungle safari trips with Jungle Calling . Everything planned perfectly -food, stay and safaris. This is true passion . Cheers!!!

Mansi & Vaibhav Mehta

My maiden jungle safari and

My maiden jungle safari and my maiden all girls trip.  Where do I start.  It was such an amazing experience.  Shailee ensured that everything right from giving us a briefing before leaving Mumbai till we reached Jaipur and then Ranthambore was so beautifully handled.  Her team of guides were so full of knowledge and experience.  I felt I returned as a fully knowledgeable tigress…….. Shailee took care of the minutest of details even at the resort and the visits to the jingle. Her sense of ownership and responsibility is superb. I would definitely do my next safari trip with her. Jungle Callling…….wait for me for the next trip. 

Neelima Maniar

It was a mesmerizing trip

It was a mesmerizing trip for me. Before the trip was not sure what to expect from the trip and thought ok it’s a safari and just look around for animals. But this trip has made me change my perspective on safaris. You made us feel so passionate about the safari and about tigers. You gave us the insight of what this is all about and life of tigers in a jungle. We could listen to your stories and passion on and on and when we went for the safari the thrill was mindblowing. Did not mind getting up early on a holiday, did not mind the crazy cold or the jumps in the safari. I have thoroughly enjoyed and the guides who were assigned were again amazing. They were again our story tellers and made us feel in love with the jungle, the safari and the pug marks and the calling J words that I learnt only after going to this wonderful trip. When you think positive and with your heart that’s what happens. And this is exactly what happened with a ll of us. That’s why we were so lucky to spot tigers in all the safaris ! see the kill ! see two tigers roar and fight and enjoy the beauty of different zones. I can go on and on but will end it out here. Thank you once again for making me a part of the maiden trip , for the wonderful friends I made in this trip. Look forward for our Mumbai get together and more trips in the future ! All my friends envy my trip and the stories associated with it !!!

Rita Verma

If you love Nature, if

If you love Nature, if you love being outside and you want to see wildlife that you usually don't see in your daily life, then please take this tour! Wake up at 5am and hear sambars howling, birds chirping and massive tigers slowing moving around.You will NOT regret this. Can't say enough about my trip. Spent 3 nights in Ranthambore National Park. Beautiful. Normally arrange my own trips but this was just phenomenal. Guides were wonderful... they did an exceptional job, making our group's visit a memorable one. They were professional, informative and entertaining. Visiting Ranthambore with junglecalling (& Shailee) was well worth my while. Had a Great experience. Yes they do have Tigers and the guides know their tracking. Spotted a tigress on a hunt. Loved it.Drivers were very careful. Cannot rate this trip enough. Thank you (Shailee and Manan Parekh) JUNGLE CALLING

Seema Varma

Jungle Calling hi!!! I'm sitting

Jungle Calling hi!!! I'm sitting here at my most favorite spot at home...relaxing...and surprisingly feeling lost...I guess there is a part of me I have left behind...that I'm badly missing...I guess I found a part of me there...the part that truly belongs to me...I still remember checking on Shailee Shah Parekh posts on jungle calling and just would crave to be a part of this journey...well I must say I really did get lucky...ranthambore is like so mesmerizing...the same jungle has so many different scenic views that is just unbelievable...the most awesome feeling obviously was to look at the majestic tigers and also every bit of untouched nature it has to offer to us...it all worked out super awesome for one more reason and that is because of my friend Shailee...she is so in love with the jungle herself that the love just spreads automatically...she has been the perfect host for our first experience...she made sure she took care of all our needs, and also kept giving us the correct vocabulary to the animals...Shailee I must say you and your team are really passionate about this....and know you will only succeed in it....as this is natural to you....I really do love more for this experience of my life....THINK YOU SO MUCH SHAILEE AND HER TEAM...well i really enjoyed myself and made loads of new friends too...and we all like just clicked (also clicked alot of pictures Hahahahha) and now I do get why have you even called your company....JUNGLE CALLING...heheheheh as it really is always calling..

Madhura, Leisha & Bhavvya Auddy

Shailee, I will make this

Shailee, I will make this note of appreciation short, but I could go on forever with regards to how perfect our trip to Ranthambhore safari turned out, much to the credit and hard work of you and your company. You provided such attention to detail, flexibility for change, and great recommendations throughout the trip. Jungle Calling was a perfect match for us in terms of your sincere interest and care for what we wanted to experience on the trip, the delivery and sharing of incredible knowledge and prior experiences, and concern for our overall welfare. It was truly a pleasure to be the recipient of your services. Thanks again. Shraddha - the Pink trip

Shraddha Gupta

Chulbul Shailee - for your

Chulbul Shailee - for your maiden trip with the 'maidens ' I think you were fabulous - so confident and still so sensitive to everybody's needs and tastes - complete professional - this can come only when you are so passionate about what you do - so enthu and still so in control - Thankyou for such a wonderful break - honestly before the trip one got the Ranthambore jitters - but now post the trip - am looking forward to my next safari with the mowglis - waiting for the 'jungle call(ing)'... Sudha ??

Sudha Khanna

First all girls trip.....super excited

First all girls trip.....super excited yet nervous thinking what will this trip be like....couldn't have asked for more.....Saw Arrowhead in her morning laze....Lightning first posing for all of us and then doing a chase n kill which is rare....T64 and Krishna in his relaxed mood and finally Packman and Lightning again. What an amazing experience. ..Krishna and her litter. Thanks Jungle Calling for such a beautiful experience. Amazing hospitality...special thanks to Shailee for taking such good care, sharing your passion with us and bestowing us with so much info. Left a little of myself there and will surely be back but surely always with Jungle Calling.

Komal Bajaj

My trip to Rantambore was

My trip to Rantambore was my 1st trip to a forest in India and it was a trip to remember. It was a very well planned trip by Jungle calling, right from the stay, flights, food and of course the safari. We had some amazing sightings and spent one full safari with the tiger, which is very rare. It was the forest I fell in love with and would now love to explore all the other forests. As the Jungle is always calling!!!!

Shreyans Choksey

This was our first exclusive

This was our first exclusive jungle trip to the ranthambhore national park. I am 58 years old and my wife is 55. We were very well guided by the Jungle Calling team to prepare for the trip. We really appreciated the fact that even the minutest details were brought to our notice. We were pleasantly surprised by our travel arrangements and special care was taken about our eating habits. We took five safaris, 2 morning and 3 afternoon. The thrill of riding an open jeep was amazing and the weather was not extreme.(December 11 to 14, 2015.) We were lucky to spot tigers on all our afternoon trips. Special mention must be made to the quality of the naturalist and his coordination with the driver. The sheer beauty of the early morning sunrise in the jungle was at treat to our eyes. The peace and tranquility of being alone in a dense forest was absolutely amazing. We could hear sounds of birds and animals along with the sound of leaves moving by the mild breeze and the smell of the trees. The sound of water steams was also amazing. We could see different types of birds and animals. The process of waiting to sight the tiger when the naturalist saw the pug marks on the track was exiting to say the least. Thank you jungle calling team for this wonderful experience and would certainly like to visit the other national parks in trips organized by you.

Anita and Ranjan Gadodia.

if i was to choose

if i was to choose one word to describe our Corbett getaway......it would simply be "Perfect". Traveling with kids isn't easy and it was a blessing to have Shailee plan our trip , right from the choice of resort, to the knowledgeable guide for our drives..... it was all meticulously executed. We were lucky to get some beautiful Tiger sightings and can't wait to do more trips with "Jungle calling" in the future. Honestly , if you are looking to plan a wildlife centric trip..... please look no furthur. Namita

Namita Malik

Our first visit to Ranthambhore

Our first visit to Ranthambhore was a real fluke. Something we had wanted to do but had never done. Shailee who is a school friend of mine happened to mention it and it suddenly fell in to place. Shailee and Manan are wildlife enthusiasts and had been doing safaris for a while. Their descriptions and narrations of their experience had us completely enticed and convinced that we had to do this. Of course we could not manage to do our trip together but we still did make it. And that was a turning point for us. There after we have done several trips to the jungle and we absolutely love it. The best part is that my son Neil (9 years) is in love with it too and he proactively asks for a vacation in the jungle. Personally also, I am absolutely in love with it and find a lot of our vacations being replaced by jungle trips. When we first did our trip, Junglecalling had not come about but we knew that Manan and Shailee would be a part of something like this just going by their degree of passion. Surely enough a few months later it happened. And now I am just as sure that they will retire and live by some forest some day. We are also certain that one can trust them for the most honest advice on how to go about with trip planning, where to stay, which park to visit etc. We thank them for initiating us in to this life changing event and wish them the very best.

rupal chillal

So we are 20 days

So we are 20 days before the scheduled vacation, without any bookings. A random thought, why not show the kids the wildlife…After all, don’t they learn about animals in school? A quick call to a dear friend, Shailee, whom I have known for years, puts to rest my fears about whether safaris are children friendly. We go to and fro on options for destinations, what hotel / safari is available on what date…and the destination is finalised. Through the process of deciding the destination, we found the team in Jungle Calling very understanding of our requirements, and clear about what to expect / not expect while in the jungle. The fact that Shailee and Manan are wildlife enthusiasts themselves only makes the decision making process easier. While in Kanha, I received messages from Shailee regularly inquiring about a host of things, right from whether we were enjoying the experience, to the hotel, to our comfort. We have travelled earlier also, and rarely do you find the travel agents taking a personal interest, once the booking is finalised and the payment is made. Overall, we have had one of the best vacations, thanks to Jungle Calling and look forward to more wildlife experiences!!!

Ruchita Sanghvi Malviya & Juleen Malviya

We had a wonderful time

We had a wonderful time in the jungles of Satpura and Ranthambhore. Thank you Jungle Callingfor arranging our jungle tours very well. We were well guided for our first ever wildlife trip and saw some amazing wild life not to forget the majestic tigers and the wonderful jungle itself. We love your passion and inclination towards the jungle!! We will surely come back for more!!

Binita & Amol Rege

We went on a Jungle

We went on a Jungle calling trip and got to spot a tiger in every day. Each spotting was an experience. We saw different tigers and an array of emotions along with it. At the end of each Safari there was a broad smile on happy faces. It was undoubtedly my most memorable trip. Thank you Manan and Shailee for making this possible.

sonal shah

Sultan, Noor, Ustad, Krishna, Machli

Sultan, Noor, Ustad, Krishna, Machli - these are all names engraved in my memory forever and I have to say the credit goes to Jungle Calling! I've had the most amazing sightings with them. Not only am I throughly impressed with their passion and zeal but also completely floored by their knowledge of the jungle, the history and background of the tigers but most importantly the respect they have for the forest and its habitants. I have to mention my favorite sighting with them - SULTAN- has become my favorite tiger-seeing him arrive to being completely face to face with him, seeing him dissapper make a kill and come back! I've come to love these creatures and feel like I know then. THANK YOU Jungle Calling for introducing me to this wonderful world.

Natasha S

Jesal Thakkar

It's been an experience to savour, I had gone on this trip to the jungle without any expectations, either of seeing any tigers or about anything else. It felt like one big safari (we did 6 back to back). From our 1st safari to the last there was always a sense of excitement and tranquility at the same time, which left me longing for more at the end of it. We ended up sighting 8 different tigers, a leopard and an extremely rare sight of a woodpecker feeding her 2 chicks. I guess we were really lucky to have sighted so much on a single trip, maybe even raising the bar for my next visit, but I wouldn't have been disappointed even if I had just experienced the jungle the way it is. I probably picked up a new hobby (photography) and made a couple of great friends, it's very much like an adventure which I would love to come back to once a year.

Jesal Thakkar

Lokesh Monga

Have been doing wildlife safaris since the past fourteen years but was unsuccessful in sighting a tiger; but on my maiden trip with Jungle Calling saw 6

Lokesh Monga

Gaurav Sabharwal

Jungle Calling with Manan Parekh Lokesh Monga and Jesal Thakkar.. Will be back!!

Gaurav Sabharwal

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