Wildlife Photography

Often it so happens that we love wildlife photography, love our photography equipment but we are unsure about how to use it or how to best capture the beauty of the game. At Junglecalling we help you discover answers to these through your own experiences. With the help of some guidance and prodding in the right direction we help you to gain a deeper understanding of your equipment, photography techniques and nuances as well as the wildlife and its habitat.

Unlike most other kinds of photography which involves staged or posed subjects, wildlife photography is often about being at the right place at the right time. The photographs could be habitat shots, portraits or landscapes. Successful photography of some of the wildlife does require specialized equipment, however it is also possible to get some good pictures with basic equipment.

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A Guide to Ethical Wildlife Photography


Jungle calling has introduced me to a different world, a wild and wonderful world. . . .
Amarja Chhapwale Webb
My maiden jungle safari and my maiden all girls trip.  Where do I start.  It was . . .
Neelima Maniar